Bison river resort Dandeli is located in a small town called Ganeshkudi.It is just 10 kilometers away from the wild life sanctuary of Dandeli. It is situated on the banks of the magnificent river Kali. The resort is noted for the panoramic view of the river, the cadence the river water sprinkles in the silence of the night .There are lots of tourist activities available in the place to render enthralling experiences to people who visit Bison river resort Dandeli during vacation. People can enjoy a holisticatmosphereover there and can feel rejuvenated with a fresh energy emanating from the waters of the river, bonfire nights and sumptuous dinners with a variety of cuisines.

Amenities in Bison River resort Dandeli

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Bison river resort Dandeli has spacious rooms with all facilities including washroom. The private balcony in the rooms offers an elegant view of river Kali for the guests who stay there. The shine of lights at night makesthegrounds look bright welcoming guests for grand bonfires and delicious dinners. The resort has a restaurant which offers tasty food with different food items and also a bar is available for drinking purposes. The resort boasts of a library which is a treasure trove of wild life information.

Activities at Bison River resort Dandeli

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Dandeli white water rafting is a very pleasant and adventurous activity which is most enjoyed by tourists who visit theplace. BisonRiver offers much scope for this with its majestic Kali River which has profound depths of water amidst the scenic beauty of the WesternGhats. It covers a few hours to make one’s way down the water in the midst of the thrills of the surrounding thick forests.

Apart from river rafting in Dandeli, one can enjoy the fun of Bison River run as well. Natural Jacuzzi in the lap of river Kali is one more activity that reenergizes body witha cool water therapy.

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