Adventure Activities

Dandeli River Rafting is one of the Top evaluated Adventure Activity accessible in Dandeli. Short Rafting, Mid Rapid and Long Rafting are finished by accessibility and visitor interest.

Dandeli White Water River Rafting

Stream Kali is celebrated in Karnataka which is streaming in Uttar Kannada District of Karnataka Place Named Joida Taluk and Dandeli Taluk. It gets birth in Diggi Place in Joida Taluk. Such numerous different little streams moves through kali waterway. There is Dam named SUPA DAM which second greatest Dam in Asia. Kali River water gets put away in Supa Dam supplies ( Supa Dam Backwaters) during blustery season. Force is delivered by delivering Dam water through dam entryways. Any place Dam water is delivered through different entryways Dandeli White water River Rafting is finished by different experience gatherings. Boating is done in just one fixed spot where boating is conveyed, place named GANESHGUDI which is 27 km from Dandeli. In any event one full door must be opened for boating. multi day water streams from dam with half entryway opened so practically all different exercises are done all through entire year. Best Season for Rafting is October tenth to June tenth. In storm season boating is halted as water is gathered in dam and force necessity is less during stormy season. In the event that overabundance downpour falls and dam is full, at that point dam water might be flooded and short boating might be finished by experience gathering. Entryways of Dam might be shut for the explanation not necessity of intensity or some upkeep of Dam unit. 95% visitors are sufficiently fortunate to get white water stream boating so no one can guarantee you 100% of doing boating. Regardless of whether boating is beyond the realm of imagination during blustery season, different exercises like Raft Boating, Natural River Jacuzzi, River Kayaking, River Zipline, River ball zorbing and other Adventure sports are opened. Dandeli resorts organizes you to do dandeli stream boating movement effective. Dandeli waterway boating place is 13 kms from kingfisher resort.

River Rafting

Dandeli Raft Boating is done in flowing Kali river around 0.5 hr in Rubber Boats which are used for rafting also. Here you can take awesome ride in River with beautiful breathtaking view around kali river surroundings.

Long Distance Rafting 8.5 km with 8 Rapids

This long Dandeli White Water River Rafting is done by Jungle Lodges Govt. Enterprise ( Kali Adventure Under Karnataka Govt. ). There is online per-booking available. You can pay in advance online and book. If your slot gets booked and failing to attend the slot will not get any refund. If rafting is cancelled due to any other reason then your booking amount will be refunded.

Short and Mid Rapid White Water Rafting

Short White Water Rafting is done by many private adventure groups. This short rafting is about half an hour with one big rapid and 3 time surfing which is also very thrill adventure sports in Dandeli. Even non-swimmers can do this activity under trained raft guides. There are non-certified adventure groups so to be safe always do rafting under certified adventure groups. Our Guest rafting is done under certified adventure groups.

Mid Rapid White Water Rafting is of 5.5 km with 6 Rapids. This mid rafting is about 1.5 hr with 6 rapid and surfing. Even non-swimmers can do this activity under trained raft guides. Our Guest rafting is done under certified adventure groups.

Jacuzzi Bath

Dandeli Natural Jacuzzi bath is one of the best relaxing massage activity in River. You are made to sit in the rocks water rapids, Stream Water for Supa Dam flows over you and makes you feel just amazing. It is just like natural body massage therapy.


River Zorbing is fun filled activity where you have to role in zorbing balloon and try to balance which is trill during rotation.

River Crossing

It is fun filled thrill activity where you have to cross from one side of river to another side . You will have thrill to see river in Arial view while crossing on river.

Dandeli WIldlife Safari

Wild life Dandeli jungle Safari is done by Karnataka Govt. Wild life Kali Tiger Reserve. Open Jeep Jungle Safari is one of the major wildlife jungle activity done in two slots.


Dandeli river Kayaking is done in plastic knife boat to move around in river with help of paddle.


Dandeli river Kayaking is done in plastic knife boat to move around in river with help of paddle. Over the years kayaking has evolved as a popular sport. A relatively narrow human powered boat which is manually propelled by double bladed paddle used to visit small islands in and around the place. Dandeli Kayaking in Kali River is also a thrill water sports where you have to balance kayak with paddle to move around and some time you may fall out of it and drag into kali river rapid water flow. Experts will come and rescue you.