Dandeli is a paradise for all the nature lovers. It has wide range of activities and things one can enjoy and indulge in, which will gives them a complete adventurous getaway with refreshing mind and body. Some of the activities one can take part in Dandeli are.

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White water rafting

If you swear by water adventurous sports like rafting, Dandelia is a must visit for you. It has two rafting options with a 9km stretch that last for 4 hours and another one with shorter stretch. Plunge in the thrill of rafting and go for the ride, an adventure that you will love.

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Enjoy the thrill of Kayaking, ride your own boat and paddle the oar. It is experienced in manmade reservoirs that are spread across sprawling area for a realistic experience. Camp in between on the isolated islands in between the sessions. Paddle the boats and move the oars through the gushing water, live the moment.