Dandeli is a township in the north of Karnataka State surrounded by the dense forests ofthe Western Ghats amidst thrilling jungle sounds. Dandeli jungle safari is a top attraction for tourists who rush to visit the place and enjoy the richness of nature with her lush green. Dandeli tourism offers much scope for safaris in the deep jungle with the Wild Life Sanctuary located in the place offering a feast to eye and ears to nature lovers who come to the place.

Jungle lodges and resorts in Dandeli

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There are many jungle lodges and resorts which are strategically positioned in the midst of the breath taking forests of Dandeli to capture hearts and souls with the spectacle of nature in her heights of beauty. Dandeli jungle safari from such places is a wonderful adventure for tourists who can make their start in the early morning or afternoon in jeeps to go around or penetrate through the interiors of the jungle and have a view of the wilds like panthers or elephants or the twining serpents.

Wearing a colored dress that suits a jeep safari with binoculars on hand will help the tourists the best of Dandeli jungle safari experience. They can come across bounteous sights of nature’s flowers and trees or teaming ponds and pools and find herds of elephants as well. Taking a circular tour of Wild Life Sanctuary will open up amazing secrets of wild life to nature lovers and they are sure not to miss jeep safari when they come back to the place during their next holiday trip.

Visiting Dandeli is fun mainly because of its scenic backdrop and excellent and spectacular view of nature it provides. The untamed, wild jungles add more splendors and invite the guests to get rapturous experiences of visiting spots of nature in her wildness.

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