White water rafting is a hilarious sport which renders much excitement among various adventurous activities in Dandeli. Dandeli white water rafting is one of its highlights that bring tourists close to nature as in reveling in the waters of the river Kali.Resorts in Dandeli make white water rafting Dandeli an exclusive experience in the majestic waters of Kali, a thrilling experience with a feel of adventure.

River rafting in Dandeli

River rafting in Dandeli has stretches of 12 km with grade 2 and 3 rapids which are good for both professionals and inexperienced rafters. Grade 2 rapids are relatively easier with easy passages and bumps whereas grade 3 rapids require expertise in steering. Dandeli river rafting is safe and can be enjoyed even by non- swimmers.

During Dandeli whitewater rafting, tourists can enjoy a 9 km rafting for 4 hours or a shorter one of 4 km for 2 hours.

Many resorts have facilities for this adventurous sport. Following are conspicuous among them.

Bison River Resort

It is on the banks of river Kali and is a place for amazing and wonderful white water rafting Dandeli. The view of river Kali and its enthralling Dandeli white water rafting from Ganeshkudi makes the place famous for adventurous sports.

Starling River Resort

Starling River Resort is beside river Kali amidst untamed jungles with the melodious sounds of birds’ chirpings and exquisite beauty of flora and fauna. White water rafting Dandeli is available here for people with nerves of steel.

Kali Adventure Camp

Kali Adventure Camp is an ideal place for white water rafting in Dandeli. It is equipped for this adventurous sport with proper safety tips from experienced and equipped river guides. Among other adventure activities in Dandeli, it proves to an excellent destination for rafting in the wild waters of Kali.

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