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The inimitable rush of untamed terrain – gorges, valleys, forests and swirling, swollen and frothing white water: that’s what the Kali Adventure Camp at Dandeli is about. A sprawling bungalow on the banks of the majestic Kali River, this wilderness camp is all about making a reference to nature. Take a walk down the wild side and find out just how invigorating it are often . Discover the sheer adrenalin rush of life .


The JLR Kali Adventure Camp is that the destination for adventure also as nature lovers. an ideal spot for whitewater rafting, the camp is specially equipped for it. During the rafting strict safety standards are adhered to. We’ve perfected our standing as a whitewater rafting destination with river guides who are highly experienced and are well-equipped. Other activities include Kayaking, Coracle Ride, Bird Watching, Nature Walk, Wild Safari,Sight Seeing activities etc. The River Kali may be a temperamental one. It dominates the hills, the forests and every one that it ribbons through. While one side you'll choose a coracle ride, dodging crocodiles and watching birds, the opposite side involves battling swift currents in rubber dinghy, heart in mouth and oar in hand.

The River Kali is way from tame, quite clearly! The Kali Tiger Reserve is home to the elusive Black Panther . Our guests are taken on jeep safaris into the Reserve. Spotted Deer, gaur, Melursus ursinus , muntjac , hornbills, yellow-footed pigeon, peafowl and therefore the crested serpent eagle are often sighted. If you’re quiet, you’ll spot even more. Enjoy the evening nursing a spirit of your choice : the camp features a well-stocked bar. Primarily Indian cuisine is served at dinners, which happens at the Gol Ghar. But upon request, Chinese or Continental dishes are often served.



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