River rafting in Dandeli is a very adventurous sport and Dandeli’s natural backdrop makes it as the most suitable location for such adventurous activities. Dandeli river rafting is extremely pleasant in an environment of serene forests, wild life habitats and chirping of birds.

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River rafting in Dandeli

There are places for river rafting near Bangalore that will dip people in utter enjoyment and thrill. Resorts in Dandeli offer lots of opportunity for this adventurous sport withtheir position on the banks of the river Kali.Longer rafting for 9 km taking four hours and shorter stretches are available for river rafting in Dandeli to mesmerize people and make them feel the worth of spending holidays in a place where incredible excitement in waters is possible.

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Kali Adventure Camp

People visit Kali Adventure Camp for Dandeli river rafting and derive great pleasure out of rafting in imported boats in the majestic waters of river Kali.They have river guides for safety and instructions and also are provided with a safety kit. Enjoying river rafting near Bangalore in a place like Kali Camp is adventurous but safe and is intensely joyous.

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Rafting in Bison River Resort Dandeli

Bison River Resort Dandeli is a notable place for its position on the banks of the river Kali and the elegant view it offers to the guests of the grandeur of the river at night. Needless to say that Dandeli river rafting in this resort through the ebb and flow of river Kali should be amazing and breathtaking for a guest who wishes to spend his time in the lap of a natural resource like water.

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