Dandeli has various adventurous activities to offer amidstits thick forest backdrop and water flow. It has the pride of owning a famous wild life sanctuary and the magnificent waters of river Kali. Hence Dandeli tourism has scope for white water rafting, trekking, canoeing, kayaking, rappelling, and mounting biking, natural Jacuzzi in rapids, canyoning and many such activities. In the tourist places to visit around Dandeli, one can enjoy adventure and fun with nature’s untouched bounty.

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White water rafting

Water rafting in dandeli is an adventurous sport much liked by all the tourists who visit Dandeli resorts like Starling resort and Bison river resort. Waterrafting fora longer or shorter stretch is an enthralling activity in Dandeli tourism.

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It is a most thrilling adventure available in tourist places to visit around Dandeli. Climbing a stiff cliff with the help of a rope under expert guidance relieves you of fear for heights.

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Dandeli tourism centers arrange for kayaking –riding the boat by self for thrill and pedaling the oar to get that unique boating experience. Man made reservoirs help you enjoy kayaking to the most with an isolated island like background for your rest in between sessions.

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It is a water falls ride downwards a rock. It creates a tremendous adventurous moment for nature lovers and is conducted in Sathkonda Canyon near Dandeli. You have such tourist places to visit around Dandeli to satisfy your adrenaline push for adventure.

Bird watching, mountain biking, swimming, jungle safari are other activities that enthrall your heart on entering the best hotels in Dandeli which showcase packages for these activities.

Dandeli tourist places

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Wild Life Sanctuary, Shiroli Peak and Kavala Caves are some of the tourist places in Dandeli.

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